• Backend Engineer
  • Security Researcher
  • Python, Golang and Java coder
  • Crypto and Reverse Researcher
  • LeetCode
  • Hackerrank

Education & Experience

Community & Conference

Competition Experiences

Github repo and writeup

  • 2020 ASIS 2nd Crypto CTF 20th, independently solved crypto tasks
  • writeup here
  • 2019 AIS3 preexam, individual competition, independently solved all crypto tasks
  • writeup here
  • 2019 ASIS Crypto CTF as NTUSTISC ord('v') member 32th, independently solved all crypto tasks that team solved
  • writeup here
  • NTUSTISC scoreboard with Docker, Django, PostgresSQL, uWsgi and Nginx
  • repo here

Project in NTUSTISC

Project in FuTengCom


Project in Unnotech

  • ghost

Project in Orbweb

  • Smartcam
  • Auth Server
  • Alexa Custom Skill
  • Log Parser and Dashboard

Project in APMIC

  • Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) Data Mining System
  • Taiyuen Textile Operation Management Platform
  • MandarinX Website